Production and R & D

Geely Emgrand is one of China's top ten auto manufacturers and also among the country's top 500 firms. Established as an independent firm in 1986, Geely launched its auto manufacturing business in 1997 and is today a fully integrated independent auto firm with a complete auto eco-system from design and research and development to production, distribution and servicing. In 2005 Geely Emgrand Automobile Holdings Limited was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is responsible for the majority of Geely Emgrand's manufacturing operations.

Geely Total Safety Management

GTSM is an entire new way of guaranteeing automobile safety. It integrates sophisticated research & development standards to bring about the highest-grade in automobile safety.

Philosophy of GTSM: a total safety management that involves initial planning of R&D, high-standard safety technology development and strict control of production process, as well as active and passive safety.

Essence of GTSM: complete development and evaluation means of active and passive safety, well-designed full vehicle safety development procedure and standard, all-round considerations on safety (incl. passengers, pedestrians and children), and perfect integration of active and passive safety.

Low Carbon Technology

Geely has been endeavoring to develop eco-friendly cars. The EMGRAND EC7 aims to meet this standard and hopes to lower our customers’ energy consumption and create an environmental-friendly environment.

BMCS System

BMCS System:Blow-Out Monitoring And Braking System

Statistics shows that 70% of highway traffic accidents are caused by blow-outs, which would almost lead to car crash and casualties. When a blow-out occurs on the highway, it takes the driver at least 3 seconds from realization to braking. However, the car would be lost control in such timing.

The innovative BMCS technology originated by Geely enables real-time tire pressure monitoring. When blow-out occurs, the system starts up a rapid intelligent response that immediately triggers the automatic emergency braking and maintains steady slow-down.

BMCS technology was launched globally at the North American International Auto Show in Jan. 2008, and was awarded "Special Contribution Award of Technical Innovation". It is a major technical breakthrough of the Chinese automobile industry, and a key invention of automobile safety technology in the world.

Highly Efficient Economic Powertrain

G=Green=Geely, e=Efficient=Engine, Tec=Technology

Geely continuously innovates and develops advanced GeTec engines. The entire engine family includes turbocharged, direct injection gasoline and diesel engines, which meet European standards.

Based on the philosophy of efficient, economic, green engine technology, Geely continuously innovates and develops the advanced engines with its own intellectual property.

GeTec family includes six engine platforms, more than ten engine models have been developed and displacements thereof range from 1.0L to 2.4L.

Our whole engine family represents the development trends of turbocharged, direct injection gasoline engines and clean car diesel engines meeting European market demands.

Advanced technologies are generally used, e.g., CVVT, DCVVT, all aluminum block, plastic intake manifold, turbocharger and direct injection, and a breakthrough is realized in lightweight and materials recycling rate.

Provided with an excellent fuel economy and Euro-5 emission standard, engine designs complies with the European laws and regulations on safety, environmental protection and materials recycling as well.